Zhang Zhifeng, Tiger Zhang, nicknamed “Little Tiger” in his childhood, was born in Heilongjiang Province, Shandong Province native. As the founder and artistic director of NE·TIGER, Mr. Zhang is also the united chairman of Asia Fashion Federation of China and the vice president of China Fashion Color Association. Honored “the first pioneer in China’s luxury industry,” Mr. Zhang created NE·TIGER, a luxury brand that is “noble, elegant and sexy” in terms of style. Starting his venture in 1982, Mr. Zhang Zhifeng named his company NE·TIGER, and then registered the trademark NE·TIGER in the State Administration for Industry & Commerce of China in 1992. Afterwards, the company registered NE·TIGER as an international trademark in both Chinese and English versions in Madrid, Spain, and then registered this trademark in many countries in accordance with the Madrid Agreement Concerning the International Registration of Marks. As the defender and inheritor of Chinese clothing culture, this brand has become a top luxury brand in China after 32 years of development.