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Your visit on, browse or use of the website of NE•TIGER Fur Brand (hereinafter referred to as “NE•TIGER”) indicates that you have read and understood the articles below, as well as agreed to be bound by these articles and to comply with all the applicable laws and regulations. If you disagree on any of the followings, please stop using this website.

Article I. Use of Website

The information on this website is only for personal non-commercial purpose. The website shall not be used in violation of laws, regulations and public morality, and for other purpose unless otherwise approved by NE•TIGER in writing.

Article II. Issuance, Modification and Update of Website Information

NE•TIGER could issue new information and modify any content including this legal disclaimer at any time on this website without any notice or hint. Please visit the website to get the latest information. The contents on this website or the products (), services and price introduced thereinto are subject to change at any time without prior notice. NE•TIGER endeavors to maintain the timeliness of the information on the website. However, the website contents may be out of date, so NE•TIGER does not commit to update these contents in a timely manner. If any information issued on this website is the product or service which is inaccessible to you locally, you can consult NE•TIGER head quarter.

Article III. Non-Guarantee Statement

Although NE•TIGER tries its best to provide accurate materials and contents, it does not guarantee the accuracy, integrity, sufficiency and reliability of materials and information loaded on this website, including but not limited to, texts, pictures, data, views, advices, web pages or links, nor make any express or implied guarantees, including but not limited to those of related rights, qualities or no computer virus. NE•TIGER expressly disclaims that it will not be liable for mistakes or omissions of these materials and contents. Furthermore, NE•TIGER will not make any statement, guarantee or approval for any product, service or information provided on the website. All sold products and services shall be subject to the sales contract and related clauses of the company.

Article IV Statement on Rights

You shall respect the intellectual property and other rights contained in this website. If there is no statement on rights in the content, it shall not be construed that the website neither is entitled to the rights nor claims the same. You shall respect obligee’s lawful rights and interests as well as legally use these contents based on laws, regulations and honesty principles. You shall not use any way to copy, modify, publicly display, announce, distribute, or upload these material, or use them for improper purposes in any other ways. It’s not allowed to use these materials for any other website, print media, or the environment of computer network for any purpose. Contents and their assembly etc. on this website are protected by Copyright Law etc. Any use of materials on the website without authority may constitute infringement of rights of Copyright Law and other laws. Trademarks and signs used and displayed on the website (hereinafter referred as “trademark”) are relative registered and unregistered trademarks of NE•TIGER and its subsidiaries, except those indicated as belonging to other parties. When you are using or contacting any content on this website, it shall not be construe that you are entitled to use any relative trademark. You shall not use NE•TIGER trademarks by any means without prior written consent.

Article V. About Information Submitted By Users

If you send any material or information from/to this website, it shall be construed that you agree with following clauses: (1) No illegal or improper content is contained in the material or information; (2) before submitting the material or information, you have reasonably endeavored to review it and delete virus or other factors with infectivity or destructivity; (3) you are entitled to own the material or the unlimited right of offering the material to us, and NE•TIGER shall not be liable or chargeable for freely issuing the material or engaging the material or any concept described in it into our products or services; (4) You agree that you will not bring lawsuits to NE•TIGER for the material or information you submitted, and you agree that if any third party brings lawsuits to NE•TIGER for the same, you will compensate all losses of NE•TIGER.

For special purpose, if you offer the name, gender, certificate type and its number, date of birth, country, E-mail, telephone number, contact address and zip code, expected service or favor information, client code and other similar personal information required by registration or subscribing the electronic information and filled in on your own free will, then it means you have understood and accepted applications of your personal information, and agreed that NE•TIGER may use the information for achieving this special purpose. Beside the personal information, any other material, information or contact way (hereinafter referred as “information) you sent or mailed to this website shall be deemed to be unclassified and un-proprietary. NE•TIGER will take no obligation for such information. Meanwhile, if you make no special statement when submitting, it shall be deemed that you allow NE•TIGER and its authorizer to freely copy, disclosure or distribute those information and all data, images, audios, texts and other contents, or use them in other ways. NE•TIGER will not be responsible for supervising or checking the information you sent to/from the website or the information which is independently communicated between each other in any field, including but not limited to, “NE•TIGER BBS” and any other communication contents. But still you shall not send any illegal, threatening, slanderous, calumnious, obscene, erotic materials, or those which may endanger national and public security, or other illegal materials. This website may delete information or cancel information browse at any time without prior consent from submitter and notice afterwards given to submitter. Under serial conditions, this website is entitled to adopt measures to log off this user. NE•TIGER assumes no responsibility for such communications, whether resulting in slander, privacy, obscenity or other questions.

Article VI. Third-Party Link

This website may reserve the third-party links or website. Whether to visit such links is up to user’s decision. NE•TIGER does not guarantee the correctness, completeness, sufficiency and reliability of any information, data, opinions, pictures, representations or suggestions on these links. NE•TIGER provides such links only for convenience, and it does not mean NE•TIGER accepts and recommends such information or such information are used for advertising purpose.

Article VII. Limitation of Liability

NE•TIGER is not liable for any damage relevant to this website (including but not limited to any profit loss, data loss, indirect loss, and incidental loss caused by any reason or any damage arisen out of business service interruption), whether caused by use of or failure to use the website or by the information contained in any link on this website or in such kinds of websites, and whether having guarantee, contract, infringement or other legal basis or obtaining the warnings for possible occurrence of such damages. If you need to maintain, fix or correct the equipments or data due to the information on this website, you shall bear all the corresponding costs.

Article VIII. Applicable Laws and Right of Competency

Any dispute, arising out of this disclaimer, and any visit on, browse or use of this website, shall be applicable to the Law of People’s Republic of China. The dispute in question shall be settled through negotiation. In case no settlement is reached, each party agrees to submit it to a competent court in Beijing for litigation settlement.

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