• Gong Li

    Amazing Chinese dress designed with Great Wall

    Dressed in this Chinese dress, Gong Li presents us elegant and classical beauty and brims with queenly flavor.

  • Andy McDowell

    International superstar, Chinese dress flavor

    On the opening ceremony of the 12th Shanghai International Film Festival, Andy McDowell, a judge of Gold Cup Prize and A-list international superstar, was dressed in a piece of highly customer-made noble and elegant Chinese dress of NE. TIGER, and was pretty attractive. This Chinese dress perfectly incorporates exquisite hand drawing, Suzhou embroidery with peony dermatoglyphic patterns, and western smooth three-dimensional tailoring together, and vividly interprets NE•TIGER’s brand concept of “integration of the ancient and modern, fusion of the Chinese and western” through Andy McDowell’s wonderful demonstration, which enables Chinese dresses to be both the Chinese clothes which are popular among Chinese people and the formal attires which are gradually accepted by western mainstream society.

  • Zhang Ziyi

    Appearing at the 59th Berlin International Film Festival

    Zhang Ziyi appeared at the 59th Berlin International Film Festival dressed in a NE•TIGER zibeline fur coat, looking dignified and graceful with A-list Chinese superstar’ elegant demeanor and being one of the brightest stars on the red carpet of that night.

  • Yang Mi

    Chinese dress encrusted with crystals

    Attending 2011 Fashion Ceremony of China’s Influence

  • Liu Yifei

    Briskly portraying a perfect bride

    In the tranquil wet garden, roses are in full bloom in the fresh air. Liu Yifei, the most beautiful “Fairy Sister”, portrays a perfect bride in cooperation with NE•TIGER. The eastern butterfly flavor is displayed in the manner of modern space patterns, and the mellow, soft and full profile brims with new poetic and artistic look of fashion.

  • Dong Jie

    Charmingly showing the new fashion of Chinese dress

  • Little Song Jia

    The Chinese dress style becomes the focus of the Flying Goddess Award

    The 27th Flying Goddess Award Ceremony was hosted in the Water Cube. At that night, little Song Jia was honored by the media as the female star with the brightest style in the ceremony, and What she was dressed in is a NE•TIGER blue short silk Chinese dress of that season, with cuffs and waist part made of brocade decorated by crystals. Matched with the fantastic cuffs and filament waistband, it looks elegant and graceful with distinctive flavor.

  • Li Bingbing

    Fur evening dress of luxury style

  • Fan Bingbing

    Attractive and charming with beautiful dress-up

    Fan Bingbing is always a famous star of reinventions in the fashion circle. The elaborate dress-up this time amazes all of us. This NE•TIGER Chinese dress is made of valuable silk fabrics with great handcraft, perfectly integrating the Chinese traditional craft and Western three-dimensional tailoring together to embody the smart concept in the gorgeous style.

  • Xiong Dailin

    The 2010 NE•TIGER Hua Fu Collection Fashion Show

  • Lin Zhiling

    Chinese dress makes the classics

    Lin Zhiling has special preference to NE•TIGER, and was dressed in NE•TIGER for many times. What impresses us most is this classic and elegant Chinese dress with the patterns of paper cuts, just like a piece of blue-and-white porcelain.

  • Mo Xiaoqi

    Chinese dress of Chang’an dream

    Beijing International Film Festival

  • Zhou Xianxin

    Yumo Lanzhi Chinese dress

    Beijing International Film Festival

  • Huang Yi

    Chinese dress with designs of Rabbit on the Moon Palace

  • Qin Lan

    Chinese dress with designs of dragons and beautiful words

  • Huo Siyan

    Chinese dress with the style of “flying wing to wing”

  • Chen Shu

    Pink and purple neon Chinese dress

  • Tong Lei

    Chinese dress decorated with lanterns and festoons

  • Zhang Yuqi

    Silk and damask Chinese dress with designs of flower dances

    Appearing at Berlin International Film Festival

  • Tang Can

    Gorgeous turnarounds

    Tang Can impresses us with her gentle, virtuous, graceful and demure image. This Chinese dress has its design focus on the part of back waist. With “the Goddess Chang's Fly to the Moon” as the theme, it adopts formfitting tailoring and transparent chiffon fabric, and is tailored into simple but graceful feminine profile to make each casual turnaround a gorgeous transformation.